By incorporating my unique coaching approach of combining full body massage with a life coaching session, my clients leave their sessions empowered, free, and experiencing life in a brand new way. Using different massage techniques, I encourage relaxation of the physical body (muscle memory release), so the mind can ease into a coachable state to support the creation of a future. (informed by but not limited by my former interpretation of a future of sorrow without my brother)

My prices are reasonable but please contact me to discuss further.


All appointments are confidential.

One on One Coaching

Tailored Specifically to Your Needs and Requirements and How I Can Best Support You

I create a safe, non-judgmental and gentle environment from which we begin your session. There is no formula, as it is tailored for you. And so, this is a place where you can speak your truth and be heard.
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Coaching and Full Body Massage

One Hour Coaching Session Combined with A One Hour Full Body Massage

This combination of therapies work so well because we hold cell memory, stress and tension in our physical body. One on one emotional coaching, combined with the full body massage, is so valuable as it is a holistic approach to grief recovery. A comforting, reassuring and nurturing massage, encouraging release, relief, and integration with more ease.
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Group Talks, Seminars, Corporate/Business and Community Support

As with the one on one coaching, my talks are tailor made to the needs of your group. I can offer you the same skills and strategies I offer in my one on one sessions. However, the group dynamic can take it to another level, where we support each other and explore options and how to / ways of moving through the grief process. I also perform talks around my book and to expand on what I have written. The group talk is dynamic and inspirational and brings hope. Call me, and we can discuss what you need and if I am right for you.
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Stephanie Harris Coaching
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
+61 497 234 171