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Transform with Coaching Part3

Watch part three of my interview with Walker, my coach, who helped me transform into the person I am now.

In this video we talk about what is coaching and insights of being a coach. People tend to assume public figures lead the perfect lifestyle, however Walker mentioned that they are humans too. It’s not about getting everything together, it’s aiming to have an impact in their lives.

There are many successful people in the world and they sometimes share how they succeed. But that does not mean that that’s the right way to live. There is no right and wrong, because everyone is different and special in their own way.

Walker also talks about how people couldn’t move on and kept holding onto a specific event in life. Sometimes it’s better to write them out, tell it to somebody or get them out some way or another. We tend to form strong opinions on some things when we were younger and hold on to it too tightly. Looking back on them with the values we hold now is a way to view things from a vantage point.