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Grief of Overwhelm

Grief of Overwhelm

Across my blogs and book, Death Expands Us, I often discuss the physical impact grief or trauma has on our bodies.

It is something I have been forced to discover over the last few years. I have learnt a lot about it recently.

The one I really want to talk about in this blog is adrenal fatigue.

Clients or readers of my book who contacted me, especially those who experienced many traumas in a short period of time (multiple family members or friends passing away within a few years) or those whose trauma was prolonged over a length of time (such as watching a partner go through cancer for a year or more before passing) all mentioned similar physical manifestations of their grief or trauma.

During times of trauma/grief or even extended periods of high stress, our adrenal glands produce adrenaline.

As in my case, after a few years of traumatic events, with a lot of high-stress events occurring, my adrenal glands became accustomed to producing adrenaline even for events that weren’t “fight or flight” situations, and over time a burnout occurs.

I couldn’t understand how, regardless of the amount of mental, emotional or spiritual work I was doing, how I could still feel so overwhelmed at the slightest thing.

Why did I fright or jump at anything? How at times was I so exhausted mid-afternoon that if I didn’t lay down I thought I would actually fall over? When I woke up from the naps, my heart was always racing.

Now, after plenty of trial and error, research, and trying different options; I have finally found a practitioner and supplements that bring about real changes. Other things I had tried in the past were shortlived before returning to the way I was feeling physically.

Different things work for different people, so like me you may need to try a few options to see what works best for you. As we grow and change, so do your needs and requirements over time.

Here is a little checklist of just some (there are lots more) of the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue, if you find yourself saying yes to a few of them, perhaps it may be worth looking into. As the saying goes, without health we have nothing.

1. Lethargy/lack of energy i.e. finding it difficult to awaken in the morning, being especially tired around 3-5pm, being ready for bed early at night
2. Palpitations
3. Increased difficulty of dealing with stress, mild depression/ anxiety, an extra effort is required to perform daily tasks
4. Low body temperature
5. Unexplained hair loss
6. Various food and/or inhalant allergies, low immune system, often ill
7. Poor memory/“brain fog”, often feel lightheaded when standing up
8. Often experience pain in the upper back/neck for no apparent reason

These are some of the main signs and symptoms I experienced. What also helps me is keeping in mind that improving my physical health will be a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time for these systems to leave our bodies, so equally it will take time to repair them. It also depends on how far they are out of sync, as well as the length of time it will take to repair them.

I keep my end goal in mind as I take each day step by step. My end goal is that I will wake up each day with the energy and strength to enjoy the day as I wish.

My hope for you is that reading this blog may bring some insight or clarity for you during your time of grief or trauma. That my experience, and what I have come to learn on this will surely benefit you.

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