Stephanie Harris Coaching

Growth with Grief

Growth with Grief

Self Growth and Progress Coach - Specialising in But Not Limited to Grief

I help support people experiencing grief (loss of a partner, a friend, a family member, a pet and more) complete the past and move on to a future filled with empowerment, fulfillment, commitment, and joy.

My approach to support your growth, living with grief, is two-fold.  I combine full body massage with a coaching session, where we talk about the past, present, and your future.  I have learnt to release muscle memory and relax the body, so you achieve a coachable state. From that place, we start our conversation. In that conversation, we will dive deeply into the past, access the present, and create your future.



Third place winner in the 2017 Ashton Wylie Book Award

Finalist in the 2017 Network NZ Business Awards


My Services


One on One Coaching

Tailored Specifically to Your Needs and Requirements and How I Can Best Support You


Coaching and Full Body Massage

One Hour Coaching Session Combined with A One Hour Full Body Massage



Group Talks, Seminars, Corporate/Business and Community Support


Natalie Nguyen

Life and Self Development Coach at NN Coaching

Stephanie is intuitive, empathetic, and gentle. Her energy is positive and light, which created the space for me to feel comfortable and safe to share deeply and vulnerably.

Through our work and conversations, she has helped me identify and work through challenges, and throughout the entire process, I felt completely supported, encouraged, and empowered. I am so grateful for her guidance and gifts, and if you get a chance to work with her, your life will change forever.

Lisa Hawkyard

Positive Mindset and Confidence Coach at Absolute Life System
I first had the honor of meeting Stephanie in Toronto in April 2015 at a seminar. From our first words, she was and remains such a warm and beautiful soul, who radiates pure goodness. I have entrusted her with my deepest thoughts, which are met with compassion and encouragement that enables me to feel safe and secure in sharing and helping me grow. Across the miles, I know I have a safe place with Stephanie and trust her implicitly - thank you.

Elizabeth York

Founder at Feeling Fab Trust

The Feeling Fab Trust would like to recommend the services of Stephanie Harris Coaching.  She is a kind, caring, and compassionate woman, who has helped us immensely with women, who come to our events, going through grief, trauma, and loss.  It is a great comfort to them to be able to spend time with such an empathetic person, whose integrity is impeccable. We highly recommend Stephanie’s services and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Bill Rowell

Director at New Golden Life DMCC

Stephanie Harris listens, understands, and truly cares about her clients. She has great empathy and love.  She has supported so many people who have gone through loss and/or hardships of life and is successfully still doing so.  If you have suffered any kind of loss in your life and feel this is holding you back from living the life you know you could, contact her.  You won’t be disappointed.

Walker Clark

Master Peak Performance and Personal Development Coach for: Entertainers. Entrepreneurs. Athletes at Walker Clark Coaching

Stephanie Harris has the rare gift of creating a safe space for people to take powerful steps toward creating a future that is informed by the past, yet not controlled by it.  She has the uncanny ability to become the sister, mother, aunt, or favorite teacher, whenever it is called for.  I guess that's what makes her an incredible growth coach.  That, coupled with her use of massage and body work, as part of her overall approach to growth, leaves people experiencing bliss, empowerment, and ease. I highly suggest contacting Stephanie. You will be happy you did.

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